Silhouettes of rockets against the background of the Yemen flag

War in Yemen Rages On: 5 Geopolitical Effects You Need to Know

1. Separatists gain important ground

As the war in Yemen continues, Yemen’s Southern Separatists took control of all government military camps in Aden on Saturday. This is a development that complicates hopes of an end to the war. Battles had resumed at dawn, marking it the fourth straight day of clashes between the separatists and government forces in the port city. The separatists took control of all military camps in the city belonging to the internationally-recognised government, a government official said. It will be hard to negotiate for peace now that the separatists have gained important ground in the crucial port city of Aden.

2. UAE withdrawal’s impact on Yemen

In recent months, the UAE who had been one of the strongest presences in Yemen, has begun to draw down its forces in the nation, pulling out several thousand troops in a move that leaves Saudi Arabia in a weaker position tactically. While the UAE is not quitting the war completely, its partial withdrawal leaves Saudi Arabia in a position where it’s unable to execute its initial plan, which was battering the rebels into submission, which had not been successful anyways. The UAE says its withdrawal of troops is in line with efforts to negotiate a peace deal with the Houthi rebels, however the separatists’ latest advancements in Aden could complicate this.

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3. UAE reconsidering withdrawal?

4. UN calls for de-escalation

5. Food aid resumes after two months

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