Gas Pipe Nord stream 2 under water 3D

Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline: 5 Geopolitical Effects You Need to Know

1. What is Nord Stream 2?

Nord Stream 2 is a gas pipeline currently under construction from Russia to Germany via the Baltic Sea. The new pipeline will run alongside the already constructed Nord Stream and will double the amount of gas being funnelled through the Baltics to 110 billion cubic meters per year. The pipeline is expected to be operational by the beginning of 2020 and intends to provide Europe with a sustainable gas supply while providing Russia with more direct access to the European gas market. But the project is facing strong opposition from Poland, and other European nations, as well as the US.

2. Denmark slowing the project down

A delay in approval from Denmark could lead Russia to miss the deadline to begin pumping gas to Europe through the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. The €9.5bn link that will carry gas from Kremlin-controlled Gazprom to Germany has received authorisation from several of the Baltic Sea nations whose waters it will cross, but not Denmark. Permit applications with the Danish Energy Agency for two different proposed routes have been pending for months, throwing the planned year-end launch date into doubt. Such a delay would hurt the project as its intention to double the output of Nord Stream 1 would be postponed

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