KJ Vids Content Licensing FAQ

Yes, KJ licenses its catalog to other websites. Everything on the site can be licensed.

Yes, our Standard Commercial License allows you to serve ads against the content on your site. You cannot, however, redistribute the videos to third-party organisations and charge them a fee. Our Premium Commercial License allows you to redistribute the videos to third-party websites in your player.

There are multiple ways. Once you sign the licensing agreement, you can provide us with an IP address from where you will download the videos. At that point, you can ingest the videos via XML feed through our MRSS feed. Alternatively, for lower volume licenses, you can also sign up to our Download service and download videos in various resolutions directly from the site.

You get access to the largest resolution we have, so if we shot a video in HD (1080), you can download it in HD.

Everything that we have available. Our metadata includes: title, description, keywords, tags, category, sub-category as well as our unique thumbnails.

Yes, if you prefer to ingest the videos in your own video player, you may.

Yes, if you need more than just the content, we can provide you with a video player and hosting too. The player comes at no extra charge, the hosting can be a variable pricing based on usage above and beyond a certain amount of impressions.

Yes, we own the content on the site in all territories and all platforms (Web, out-of-home, mobile, television, etc).

You may license the whole catalog, some categories, or various videos across multiple categories. Depending on your license, you can access our entire back catalog as well as all new videos we produce during the Term of the license. Email info@kjvid.co.uk for more info.

It is flexible, most agreements are annual, but we can also do 3-month, 6-month or 24-month agreements. Email info@kjvids.co.uk for a quote.

No, our videos are licensed “as is”, meaning with the KJ Vids bumpers and watermark. However, in exchange you get access to the Videos you licensed for unlimited use.

We currently have over 100 video reports and 400 short videos. You can view our full catalogue here

Yes, we provide licensing partners with a 2-week and more long-term outlook into our upcoming calendar.

No. However, you may edit the videos for length provided you obtain permission, submit the edited videos for length; KJ Vids retains all ownership over the edited videos.

Mainly Northern English. We also have videos in Arabic and Urdu. However, we can easily create original videos in all languages, or dub, or add sub-titles for specific clients and partners.

Yes, we license our content for flat fees or hybrid arrangement. Email us for more information. You get the right to sell the inventory to your advertisers, however, and control the ad impressions in your player.

Yes, but that requires a minimum amount of guaranteed views. If you operate a large site and can guarantee a minimum amount of video plays, we would consider a revenue share arrangement. Email us with your site’s traffic levels.

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