How CIA Agent, Raymond Davis, Revealed Pakistan’s Slavery to America

  1. Raymond Allen Davis is a former United States Army soldier, private security firm employee, and contractor with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
  2. On January 27, 2011, Davis killed two men in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Slide 3 – A car coming to aid Davis killed a third Pakistani man, Ibadur Rahman, in a “hit and run” while speeding on the wrong side of the road.
  3. Davis was jailed and criminally charged by Pakistani authorities with double murder and the illegal possession of a firearm.
  4. The incident led to a diplomatic furor and a supposedly deterioration in Pakistan–United States relations.
  5. President Barack Obama asked Pakistan not to prosecute Davis and recognize him as a diplomat, stating, “There’s a broader principle at stake that I think we have to uphold.”
  6. Some Pakistani officials disputed the claim of immunity from a murder charge, asserting that Davis was involved in clandestine operations, and questioned the scope of his activities in Pakistan.
  7. Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi stated that, according to official records and experts in the Foreign Office, Davis was “not a diplomat and cannot be given blanket diplomatic immunity
  8. The incident led to widespread protests in Pakistan demanding action against Davis. Slide 10 – Almost a month after the incident, U.S. officials revealed Davis was a contractor for the CIA
  9. Davis was checkmated. He had neither qualified for immunity nor his team had any diplomatic option left for the acquittal.
  10. So to fulfil American demands the Pakistani Courts fuliflled American interests in the name of Islam by putting him through a “Shariah” Court
  11. Davis was pardoned in exchange for $2.4 million blood money. “
  12. The Pakistani Government was heavily criticised for releasing Raymond Davis.
  13. The Davis debacle is a disaster for the Pakistan government, whose handling has been characterised by bungling and division, and highlights the country’s pathological relationship with America
  14. He recently released a book in which he said ““I don’t regret shooting those two men in Lahore. I believe it was an appropriate response to a life-threatening situation. But I do regret the turmoil it created.”

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